How Wind Energizer Works

Innovative patented technology for increasing the power output of large wind turbines.

Wind energy is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets globally.
Leviathan Energy, using aerodynamic modeling, has developed a unique, passive structure that can be adapted to any wind turbine from any manufacturer.

Leviathan’s technology significantly increases the power output of existing wind turbines by directing the surrounding wind flow to the critical area of the blades by designing a unique structure near each turbine.

After installation, the Wind Energizer provides the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed increase in the power output of wind turbines by 15-30% when the turbine is spinning
  • Reduced cut-in speed for the blades. Adds an extra 5-10% total power output from the turbine
  • Likely decreased maintenance costs and longer life span by balancing the velocity load and shearing forces on the turbine
  • All this is achieved by a relatively small investment per turbine
  • The most moderate estimated period of return on investment (ROI) for the Wind Energizer is 4-5 years.

Wind_Energizer_DiagramComputer Model

On the right is a computer model of custom-designed structure (patent pending), which, when in exactly the right position, increases wind velocity to the blades.

In the picture, wind is coming from the left and the red area represents area of highest velocity.