Innovative Power Production

The Leviathan Wind Energizer leverages the most basic law for power production in an innovative way. Power has a linear relationship with factors like area and air density, but it is proportional to the wind velocity CUBED.


1-Light-BulbIf wind traveling at 1 meter per second
lights 1 light bulb (1x1x1)

Eight-Light-Bulbswind traveling at 2 meters per second
will light 8 light bulbs (2x2x2).



This tells us that the most important area to work on would be to make the velocity increase in the plane of the blades, because changes in the velocity are cubed. We decided to change the wind, not the turbine, because if the velocity that hits the blades is higher, then its effect is cubed.

We applied the high-tech concepts of a field called Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to create aerodynamic structures (Wind Energizerâ„¢) near a wind turbine in order to improve the velocity in the plane of the blades. One might think of this as scientific landscape management.

Once again, this is a paradigm shift in the wind industry: We change the wind, not the turbine.