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How often do you have a chance to get in on the ground floor of a game-changing, patent-protected technology in an industry expected to grow for the next 50 years or more?

Our approach is: Improve the wind, not the turbine. We don’t even touch the turbine.

This is a disruptive innovation because it is different from how people in the industry are thinking. They concentrate on improving the blades a little, making the turbine bigger, etc. Each of these worthwhile improvements makes 1% in efficiency here, 1% there. An increase in the tens of percentage points can shake up an industry—and that is what we are going to do.

We increase the wind’s velocity in the plane of the blades and make it more uniform. It is based on the science of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and computer modeling to make a structure just right for each turbine and wind condition.

Each wind turbine requires its own Wind Energizer at a cost of around $500,000 and a 25% return on investment per year for the purchaser. This can be used on any turbine, even as a retrofit.

With 300,000 turbines now in operation, and the number growing every year, the sales will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Wind Energizer™ can typically enhance power output by 20-40% and, at times, by over 100% at lower wind speeds. By increasing the effective velocity in the plane of the blades, it rewrites the world wind map – current wind farms can increase their profits significantly and previously unprofitable areas for wind farms can now become lucrative sites. This means that future sites for wind turbines will use our technology to expand the market and help it grow faster.

The core thinking and design is high tech, but the execution is low tech and easily scalable.

With a proven technology, the next step to market is a large-scale demonstration to certify it through an internationally recognized certification agency that will make it bankable.

We have permission to conduct this test at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado on one of their extensively researched turbines there. The cost of using the facility, building it there, bringing in the certification agency, and taking it away afterwards, in addition to engineering, insurance, and other expenses is around $1 million.

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